Noëlle Janaczewska

Experimental Review: Dominique Hecq’s Stretchmarks of Sun

At primary school we had a class called Scrapbook. We drew, coloured, traced, glittered, and glued material cut from magazines, to create new pictures uniquely our own.
           I scrapbook.
           You scrapbook.
           S/he scrapbooks.
           We may have made the noun into a verb, but it still has chalk-mark of the hobby or junior project.
           Unlike collage, montage, even bricolage – those vaguely French-sounding words associated with literature, film and fine art.

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Colourful Moths of North Korea

‘From a philatelic point of view North Korea has a lot to offer.’ When the lights all went out The sales assistant turned to a torch. A rust-coloured Antheraea pernyi Flew into the spotlight. Antheraea yamami glowed yellow Beside the …

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When he enters the town

When he enters the town – and notices that mcdonalds has burned to the ground he weeps – wouldn’t you? – weeps and hungers he remembers the men standing in a circle of painted cloth now they live in separate …

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Jesus’s Ass (by way of Nietzsche)

When he enters the town–

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