Translating Coastlines

By | 1 April 2011

On the beach’s long curve, gulls strut their names
into wet sand, seaweed scrawls tangled stanzas;
a piece of driftwood’s smooth-pearl journey ends
in a sandstone fissure.

Dunes and spinifex collaborate on parables, ancient
as rocks, balancing thoughts of the first
dry land; a eucalypt pondering death, casts
its human myth,

before the horizon fades into the grey metal sky,
to speak with like-minded continents;
the prophet moon wanders along borders,
performing stars fill theatres,

but the sea teaches the language of rips, hauling
a body to deeper science, yet, the murmuring
sound of spray, carries to sensitive hearts.
Then there is the white roll and splash of words

fused to a rock; this anonymous idea, captured
in a weak escape of fluorescent light.
It will be read next day, or next year
perhaps even, becoming the anthem
that mends the world.

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