Calling Korea

By | 1 April 2011

she has these huge Mickey Mouse ears
she could be from another planet

the one I bumped into when being
busy and important one morning

bustling to bludge like a rotten tornado
WHAM bodies colliding bags spewing up

the untwisting began slowly but surely
from that day onwards when first her fist

Inspector Gadget style powed forth and
yanked out my antennae YOWZERS

cried the jagged balloon in black on dotty white
we did not speak the same language

English Korean tomarto tomayto broken
unbreakable should have called the whole thing

off her head starkers she phoned home
working 4 jobs in 5 café bar joints barely

sleeping no time no need just discipline
and flourish I would write lousy poems on

serviettes she would serve me more OLÉ
chatting at cross purposes into the night

illegal and proud she made no protest when
Detention claimed her now I give her coins

so she can phone home off her head starkers
no lawyer no reason no refugee here

she grins with teeth bared dazzlingly white
one for eternal link defending to the death

crafty queue jumper hotty pants sorceress
in disguise for she begets love only LOVE

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