Sticking My Face in the Blender Poem

1 June 2022

When the water in the vase of my flowers is become thick and rancid
I will be drinking that I put whole eggs in the microwave for 7 8 9
minutes scrape the egg burst onto a bowl of rice. Nothing is too rich
for my blood I am unlearning how to be every year the sum total
of experiences in my life is less. I am watching my neighbours close
their curtains inch by inch I am experiencing psychic pain to a lesser
extent than my peers. I am pulling brain matter out through my nose
and flinging it off the balcony in the wind the wind is picking it
up and slapping the body-warm matter onto one poor soul walking
in the alley beneath my apartment I am getting naked in my windows
and smearing Vaseline all over my body I am eating roasted onions
day after day until my apartment smells like boiling pitch while
the onions are travelling through me morphing. I am using squeezed
out sausage casings as a ribbon in my hairs I am buying myself
irises for Valentine’s Day and cooking them down into a poison paste
smearing it on my thighs until they pussing and ulcering shed and my
new, shiny clean and pink legs grow in underneath.

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Anupama Pilbrow

About Anupama Pilbrow

Anupama Pilbrow writes poems and essays which have been published in Australian and international journals including Cordite Poetry Review, Rabbit Poetry Journal, JEASA, Southerly and the Hunter Anthology of Contemporary Australian Poetry. Her work deals with dialogue, exchange, and gross stuff. She occasionally performs her work around Australia.

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