Anupama Pilbrow

Anupama Pilbrow is a PhD student at the University of New South Wales researching early science fiction and representations of water. She is the author of chapbook Body Poems, released as part of the deciBels 3 series (Vagabond 2018). Her poems, reviews, and essays have been published in journals and anthologies including Rabbit Poetry Journal, JEASA, Liminal, Southerly, and The Hunter Anthology of Contemporary Australian Feminist Poetry. She was Editor-in-Chief of The Suburban Review from 2017 to 2021, and now holds the role of Vice President of The Suburban Review Inc. Her poetry often deals with delight, disgust, diaspora, and the abject.

Anupama Pilbrow on as Reviews Editor

I’m honoured to announce that Anupama Pilbrow joined the Cordite Poetry Review Philippines Literature Editor.

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Sticking My Face in the Blender Poem

When the water in the vase of my flowers is become thick and rancid I will be drinking that I put whole eggs in the microwave for 7 8 9 minutes scrape the egg burst onto a bowl of rice. …

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Review Short: The Hijab Files by Maryam Azam

The third section of Maryam Azam’s The Hijab Files is called ‘The Piercing of this Place’. It captures moments of perforation of this world by jinn, prayer, memory, death, and other unnamed, unnameable, astounding things.

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Review Short: Amelia Dale’s Constitution and Yasmin Heisler’s Aquarium Drift

Amelia Dale’s Constitution is deep blue with the Commonwealth Coat of Arms on the cover; it looks like a passport. Yasmin Heisler’s Aquarium Drift features, as its first image, a colour scan of Aquarium Fish (a 64-page special issue of the magazine World of Wildlife) with ‘Fish’ crossed off and in its stead ‘drift’ in aquamarine type off-centre on the page.

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my mother told this story of the white girl in the library

so my mother told this story of the white girl in the library making eyes feet up shoes off on the table oh god making eyes long lash tilt down at a stranger transgress in the tropics: look for love …

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Review Short: Alan Loney’s conStellations

The value of information is in its organisation. Twin impulses to present and re-present data (words, text, images, worldly phenomena) inform Alan Loney’s recent chapbook conStellations, from work & tumble press.

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land rewrites itself, isn’t it isn’t it repastured reconstituted: 2% fat homologized [place a place content fat the milk changes nation a nation viscosity takes precedence to pour the milk from jug a jug someone has to redesign the curvature …

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