person with a flute

By | 2 February 2001

when a person speaks to you in the water
a sexual interpretations available & if
they lift a flute to their lips by all means
call this suggestive there are other musics
coincidentally that day you see the first
vermeer you remember girl with a flute
called a masterpiece why would you
dispute it & if you in your ignorance
though perhaps rightly compare the songs
you heard this morning with madrigals &
fitting the words underground overground
wombling free to the tune & you compose
a poem & coincidentally & unprecendented
in your experience you remeet the instigator
that is the fluteplayer during the composition
even though youve no cigarettes to offer only
movie chat & water talk the person who entered
your emotional life & your poetic life on
the same day as vermeer seems today more
like a black & white print than sexy paint
on canvas you keep going towards the water
having gained more than lost you tell yourself
that youre not a little child youre not a little rat

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