feeling free looking divine

By | 2 February 2001

feeling free looking divine arent you spitting
fluid thinking its human ive changed my
mind godlike should be perfection which
god though on closer inspection a marble
version a chipped & polished vision i
go too far the energy required has me
licking fur curled up by the fire there are
changes i cant account for im in transit &
mustnt be stopped by police ive any number
of identities & none that please when all
i get out of yous a kick what goods
a horse when stabilitys bolted i hope
ive made the water clear before i leave
angels appear is it curry & oats every day
that keeps you shining over the bay like
a star that never falls never fades never
growls about its situation im like that i
really am a light shining out of darkness
an underground creature with one eye

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