champagne supergrover

By | 2 February 2001

if im in a spot jam or fix
hell lend a sympathetic head
not too bright not too blue hell
do what he can for me clowly
flying to the kitchen champagne
always helps with fixing i think
he mustve been born bubbly
devotional with mouth open wide
later ill find him sprawled out on
the lino running late for cocktails
he can hear his hosts calling him
the bloody idiot shouldnt drink & fly
he puts other superheroes at risk
vagueness kills sobriety rules the
hypocritical message on his cape
later youll find him crashed out on the
carpet whisper champagne supergrover
champagne supergrover in the sky
if youre feeling lonely & the fridge is
well stocked hes not too bright or
cute company for a while

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