Melbourne’s 255 Union Jack

By | 1 June 2014

Some secrets become sacred time portals, if tenses intertwine.
Access hotly contested, configurations are continually battled.
Antipodeans; hopes & dreams, reality’s raw downunder, but can
What’s in a name explain how a city called Melbourne came to be
Double triplet 255255 divisor 143 “I Love You” code installs
1785-1824 Blow Job donation sexagesimal base, 3 year’s before
First Fleet arrival in Australia, Melbourne’s presumed unthought,
Yet parallel processing programs, search-spiders use other engines.
Break-a-leg Howard’s in Washington DC to meet Dubba Bush for
ANZUS 50th-anniversay 12 September 2001, except 911 postponed.

September 1, 1951 ANZUS began, so 50tth was 11 days earlier, as
New Zealand not invited, mid-80’s nuclear “confirm-deny” warship dispute
A fallout with Car 54 where are you ECHELON connotations if sacred
132=52+122 is great presence; unseen like Nevil Shute’s On the Beach.
Magic 13 Square’s secret number 1105 as time counts down seconds
To 54 minutes before noon or midnight; mise-enbyme, play within play.

255 Greek Cross & Diagonals forms Union Jack to Melbourne,
Sacred to calendar: 365-255=110, being 111 inclusive & in leap year
Magic 6 Square’s secret entity, sum 1 thru 36 is 666, as minutes its
11 hours 6 minutes & 54 before Temple of Laughter – 12 O’clock Rock;
255th day of year is September 12, meaning 111th last day of 2001.
911 hijack was ANZUS 50th postponement codenamed Melbourne.

111th day of year’s April 21, is fourW20 Journal 2009 miscalculation
Mayan short-count 5th World End, April 21 to August 11 is 112 days,
111 in-between & 143 to September 12, is Melbourne’s secret name
Gotham City discourse, Hendra Virus bat to human transmission’s equine.
Trainer Vic Rail’s Brisbane’s Hendra suburb stable’s first diagnosed HeV
Until discovered earlier Mackay death was, recalls Griffith NSW to
Melbourne via mafia, 1960’s cannabis network by 70’s big time until
Donald Mackay killing infers heroin is Vietnam War side effect.

Griffith’s sacred name, but main street Banna Ave aligns Bannavem,
Roman home village in Britain of St Patrick’s kidnapping to Ireland.
He escaped, to return & convert to Christianity, today’s patron saint.
Magic 3 Square’s Purifying Fire 317 row codes March 17, Greek Cross
Column 915 as September 15 is 13 days in-between 9/1 ANZUS.

Griffith has malted the arrowroot, interstate rivalry created Canberra.
1912 winning town plan aftershock is Griffith as 1914 prototype.
Coverstory conceals truth. Deception conveys false information.
Architecture supplants, 255th Prime is 1613=PM: Prime Minister &
Prime Meridian, while post meridiem is Latin’s afternoon juxtaposes
Banna Ave/Bannavem difference AM ante meridiem is before midnight.

255 alphanumeric BEE, seconds expire to sacred Melbourne, cities
Attract great minds & game plans, all possibilities in details, each a
Work in progress to buzzword “ye” pronoun accesses participation.
Global village; Wellington has HIVE, old parliament anagram’s I HeV,
A pronoun to “ye”, Melbourne founded 30 August 1835 is 242nd day,
13 off 255 Union Jack a point of view, living in a city, work & leisure.

Double or quits: 510 duplicity 510510 is product of first seven primes.
One is sacred; product first 2n-primes+1 is prime etc, is “7/31/211/2311”,
2x3x5x7x11x13+1=30031=59×509, if 30zero31 sacred Maya 5 Worlds,
Sixth sense Melbourne’s “five-ten, five-eleven” isn’t dead & buried.

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