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By | 1 September 2013

January 26 as 26 January encodes a Past in the Present …
What will you tell, Future, if been & gone has come around to be found?
It isn’t only Australia Day on ANZAC Day 2013, for
25 April was 32nd day in Julian calendar, leaving 333=9 sacred initiation,
333 angel species in Heavenly Choir to 9 perfect number celestial spheres,
Unbeknown; Julian 261st-day was 10 December 102 until 1751 lost 11 days,
Protestant England installs Gregorian realigning Easter & seasons;
So 1751’s 261st-day was actually December 21 Solstice of recent Present’s
Mayan 5th World End 2012-1751=261; seeing now misses what came before,
Unless Australia Day duality; midsummer Solstice to ANZAC Day numbers
125-days is 126 inclusive to also being northern hemisphere’s midwinter.

Future’s telling includes 1915-1751=164 sum of squares 100+64 is also
Concatenation of squares “1 & 64” or “16 & 4”; a game of number only if
The abstract masque “Lest We Forget” follows the Last Post.
Is Present objective if Future subjective, or vice-versa, as the case maybe;
So remaining abstract to try & foresee;
Its $50 million Powerball draw #884 April 25, 2013:
                     26 / 13 / 22 / 18 / 4 / 17 plus Powerball 20
KISS: sum of six to powerball is 100:20 ratio 5:1, but is
Fifth Monarchists reincarnation why $50-million first prize jackpots,
English Civil War ended at Worchester on September 3, 1651.

Bicentenary England’s January 1 New Year, 1952 Evita dies of cancer.
Draw #884 odds on 13+17=30, Falklands War 1982 disputed island
Evens to odd 3:1 ratio, 400th Gregorian correction 1582 to Papal States,
Indigenous Argentinean juxtaposition; 1927 Metropolis movie originally
153 minutes; The Bible’s sacred number in John 21:11=UK,
Cut to standard 90 minute silent-film after German premiere & original lost.
In 2008 a copy 30-minutes longer than any known copy’s found in Argentina. Argentine, Australian & New Zealand copies from same master, different edit.
NZ has 11-scenes Australia doesn’t, & seconds of footage not in Argentine.

Man verses machine is older than the pyramids; computer algorithm,
When you pass the Imitation Game you’ll find your Eva …
Metropolis director-lover diametrically opposed Argentine dictator-lover;
126=7x2x9=126 reverse 261=9×29 infers St Michaelmas Day, as
7×29 X-factor in September’s Gregorian & Julian; 32+42=52=25+144=132,
Right angle’s exercise; programmers computing Present’s Future …
Eva’s earthquake fated meeting Peron, as was Australia’s 1788 colonization
Governed shaky isles, but 222 Christchurch reality, ANZAC plot unravels.

Christchurch & Adelaide, sister cities of churches & gardens, public squares
Within square mile landscaped avenue; Colonel Light’s Adelaide 4×9 grid’s a
Cannon rifle defensive line 4×9=62=72[49] to Christchurch centerpiece of
North-south main street Colombo to Worchester Street right angle, the
East-West orientation of Christ Church Cathedral, a debate of 2 or 3 C’s,
Like the city itself, it’s not as before; the Present masque as Future,
Planners & architects vie to master their own game; scripting unseen.

Stage entrance Ben Hur, Geiger’s Antique Bookstore is affront to a
Pornography lending library in the first of Philip Marlowe series, the
Private detective of Raymond Chandler 1939 crime novel The Big Sleep
Marlowe investigates blackmail posing as rare-book dealer after
Ben Hur 1860 edition with page 116 erratum of a line duplication.

Geiger’s Rare Books & Deluxe Editions didn’t know falsehood, nor
Chevalier Audubon 1840 full-set non-existence, unlike ACME Book Shop;
Marlowe finds his investigation’s actually a missing-person murder,
Masque central; “Who killed the chauffeur” cut-&-paste of short stories,
Killer in the Rain & The Curtain, Chandler’s cover is a potboiler.

Dumbshow sacred 511+115+151=777 tobenamed deadline,
5112=261121 is 5-off Past of Present 261126 composite foretells Future;
Christopher Sidney’s masquerade if Fifth Monarchists revival intercedes
Renaissance poetic utopia, Arcadia is today’s 1988 Uncanny A*topia Fiction
Buenos Aires is a 1588 Regiomontanus “doomsday-prophecy” Comet relic.

1988-1939=49=72; sixes & sevens sacred; 1988-36=1952 Evita’s death.
Christopher Sidney’s pretense poses as Anglo-Argentine bibliophile,
A present-day extravagance to Chapter XVII Famous First Editions,
This is the End, hold your breath & count to 10 … Fleming’s 007 protagonist
Named after Caribbean ornithologist reflects Audubon’s Birds of America;
Big Sleep mind-control’s time capsule, storytelling secrets isn’t a Past time.


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