Missing in Action Prime

By | 1 August 2012

Just because it didn’t go off doesn’t dispel
What’s primed “digit immortality” will tell
2012’s May Day OZ Lotto #950 draw
2+6+25+29+34+36+37=169 is 132 see-saw
3 & 8 supplementary to missing in action
Fibonacci series 5th-month Day protestation
What’s going down goes around, until …

No Hand’s an algorithmic computer program
Of random number systems, i.e. lottery scam
And word ordering stratagems of poetry contest
So as Boobquake’s “Cordite #39 Jackpot” conquest
2012/4=96th Prime: inverse 69th-position predestinate
But another No Hand is placed to manipulate
Of $US640-million Mega Millions world record …

Plans meet flash in pan web trends; how do you wield
2010 CSIRO identifies 5 “megatrends” shaping the world
8 “megashocks” of impact; where natural world has preset
Digital counterpart defining rich & poor; Are we there yet?
Social media added propaganda, but what’s new & controlling
If high frequency traders are inside, algorithmic programming
May 8 OZ Lotto Game #951 is Jackpot $70 million …

Without 5/8 lottery draw No Hand’s at best only half the poet
So reversed Game 950 to 059 with 1st & 2nd digit transpose it
To be 30zero31 test-dummy 4-Corners of the Metaphysical Tomb
Product first two primes plus one is prime, etc. prescribes doom
59×509=30031=2x3x5x7x11x13+1; no 5th-Prime to 7/31/211/2311
Unless 30zero31 is TOBACCO code instead of smoking heaven
El Dorado sequel to Raleigh’s 1585 Roanoke settlement at 770 W …

Heard it thru the grapevine, but can’t remember crossing the river
Positive & negative: if IR “wire” predefines the route, who’s married what
In getting to the altar on time & schedule has hidden agenda to deliver …

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