Barrie Walsh

Barrie Walsh is a fruitpicker in Griffith NSW writing a collection of short stories & the ocassional poem on conspiracy architecture under the working title Noctural U-Turn Suite [NUTS]. A handful of stories & one poem have been published. He has a misguided background in both practical & theoretical architecture.

Melbourne’s 255 Union Jack

Some secrets become sacred time portals, if tenses intertwine. Access hotly contested, configurations are continually battled. Antipodeans; hopes & dreams, reality’s raw downunder, but can What’s in a name explain how a city called Melbourne came to be Double triplet …

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calandiary miscasts Christopher Sidney’s timer

January 26 as 26 January encodes a Past in the Present … What will you tell, Future, if been & gone has come around to be found? It isn’t only Australia Day on ANZAC Day 2013, for 25 April was …

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Missing in Action Prime

Just because it didn’t go off doesn’t dispel What’s primed “digit immortality” will tell 2012’s May Day OZ Lotto #950 draw 2+6+25+29+34+36+37=169 is 132 see-saw 3 & 8 supplementary to missing in action Fibonacci series 5th-month Day protestation What’s going …

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