we’re lola

By | 1 June 2014

we found such MONEY had such soft hands
two roses guarding the door
the sign said SAID SOUL
gary ablett said slut in his head finally we just
heard it
lets go
to that filthy nice place opposite childhood
the syndicate
drinking what you know
what you did
i pointed out / without / removing my head from
what you said later
the laneway more or less illumined the
from space
& the headache description
daniel grollos penthouse is
the 80th floor of eureka
so seen
huge furniture coffee table ½
the size of a normal dumb room those
paintings (to that
bloke) questionable n
great views West a dust bowl looking
LAism (they say) but we didn’t
wanna be there the henchmen
didnt wanna be there
thank god he / wasnt there (?)

feeling like (im 19 again)

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