that invisible fold in the sky is the lightest dog you’ve ever seen

By | 1 August 2018

things walking
rent and pinched nerves
south Africa/ive never
like a dog w/
displaced hips
my cloud of bugs
your cloud pretty-much
thinking hard; the dogs walking hard
they each know each
other, not big into
looks like a junkie i kinda
know. my sister i kinda know
froze wind trilogy
sky grass, whatever mental illness or health
i want to say i know what you mean
but i might not be quite there
the way i was speaking to you was good
and held by august 30th
cranes taking the skys temperature
literally taking it on
your cloud of bugs never really came together
they wd have tho
a dog that can play footy
a bug that can land on moving water
you thought i was flying forward
my nose is not that big or is
it lyricism later, walls
sets of anything
horses? cups? a glass of water –
not available.
treble –
not available. trees – available, some. no migraine
still now
but thought it would be warmer
if yr still in theres intent
theres just enough stress

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