By | 1 June 2014

Lucy Guerin Inc
28 Batman St
West Melbourne 19/3/14:11.30-1

Dancing new work
Make feet swan neck swoop
Uh ha uh haha
Silence ooh! Wh whwh heel around heel
Everything depends on what happens next
Who who aspirated
Hahaha whwhwh
Landed uuup
Stutter shoulder stutter chest
Solo 60 seconds/30/5 rest
Woh woh wee kptea
Hoo woo whit
Wahwahwah we
Woo woo chchchc kptea
Dsh dsh dsh dsh
In stay out in stay. Out
He heeeer wrrrr wrrrrr hahaha yep yeeeh
Whwhwh wwooofff ha
Image screen rest revise kptea

At the QV stout man (attempts to)
Flapping penguin propeller arms
Laughter approaching
Laughter following
Red light startled
At the crossing his gazing up to infinite lunchtime sushi blue

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