no Reading Wittgenstein’s Judith Wright

By | 1 July 2009

i met x 'Judith prize Wright' x on the same wavelength of the media-
release talking about talking about the self-portrait of i. who is writing
the drysdale bicentennial memorial? who in cahoots? there'll be no
new techniques of this something new; the average number of prose
poems is 44 poems for June 2009. Reading Wittgenstein's Judith Wright 'i'
shift focus: i keep meeting genuine guys from Wollongong. this new
Wright from Wollongong he is past the cover of new prize poets his
downfall may be in money suppressed analysis &
data which says one in two poets come in handy in Australia.
like prose poets isnt one Publishers and editors and stakeholders even
want or even like read. I. there was philosophy a negation w/ a
basketball: 'im going to breathe genuine atmosphere into the
linebreaks' II. production line Wright shaped like
department store Wright looks like sydney. channel surfing illogic 0-
1 0-1 0-1 0-1 0-1 0-1 people studied Wright et cetera effective i mean
even i met Tim x Judiths editor i may be Tim x Judiths editor but i
didnt meet Tim x Judith i didnt meet i.
III. something i couldnt do?
texts/ lyric articulations i was not classically trained in talking
shit at that level that wont happen again. getting more out of the
literacys. there'll be no bee-eye view googoogoo. Wright?

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