Flat Pamphlet Chat

By | 1 August 2017

The Slow Coach runs hourly for the liturgy and watercolours
where the teddy bears’ fur shows how well loved they were.
In addition to the sheep-pen and The Best Years of My Life,
community singing, appealing figures in traditional dress.

A few stragglers peel away from the dramatized tour, a few
linger to touch exhibits or eye the pretty pedestrian escargot
with hole in stockings. The best ingredients journey
back in time to where the butter sizzles.

From the terrace, a personal touch, later than usual. You will
find a special inn. It was bound to be tricky on the throne
or behind the scenes. Here comes the cavalry in software hard
to recognize. Some sheriff romps into office. Most of the animal

kingdom are cordial, only a single dissenter with familiar catch
phrase. The fossil record for this period is rich. The ore typically
stockpiled in the open, never to be woven into the fabric of the
trampoline. Alas, the house can no longer contain the cash

shackled to a secret door behind a fake shelf of action fiction
for him, tonic fiction for her, where all distinctions blur.
Ice shelves were given a boost by consumer confidence
while naked statistics respected the wishes of the islanders.

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