Vernal Funks & Bluffs

By | 16 August 2019

Training wheels won’t help you owe it to yourself
Listening for bell-birds along a sagging power stave.

If it seems too far-fetched a clue for going about it
Bathe and persuade, establish evening routine.

If it seeps too far forward
Enter promo code, peel and seal.

A deep drag to blow it off, repairing to the alley burning per-
Diems up close and personal with local beauty hero.

Backstroke of generosity
Big cat walks
Big cat yawns

Serums and gels dotting the i’s of childhood butterflies.
Yonder, lies: an arsenal of pats on the back.

To last a lifetime feel free to ask the story behind
Each rustic remonstrance with the healing power

Of plankton. Big brow doll eyes hitherto cast doubt
On the impartiality of the poor old Data Ombudsman.

That will be (meatballs diminished)
All for now (not a good judge of charred remains)

Binoculars full of fake crows mooning
Over Ms. Gloriana’s cappuccino waves.

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