Back, to the basics

By | 1 August 2016

The hills have receded
so was the attrition war
You hold in cup of hands
what remains
listening to a sign
the visuals may betray
soil then, gritty
a flinty snuggling feel of a rock
can’t hide curves, smoothness, fine and harmless so
but then near the tip, a sharp edge
a tool, a word
P, Paleo, …
only that much
the rest of the word is hiding
hide-and-seek neatly in a box
‘Box’ as they said, they could help you to put down, rest
An island of white cumulus
that has been with you for days
Rains come from the North side, pattering, in installments
How much did I still owe?
Leaking roof and kerosene stove
tribes of rusty reeds, a feather of an unknown bird
Songs are coming out
behind unmarked stoneheads
protruding roots, vines, birds, invisible. Birds when nights fall
chthonic shifts make them giant
that word, it comes back
How the size of human brain
changes over course of evolution
A thesis, but you were too late
(it’s too late for you)
A piece of graphite will do
write any thing down
a name then
one that first comes
to mind.

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