Nguyễn Tiên Hoàng

Nguyễn Tiên Hoàng is a Melbourne-based poet, translator and poetry editor born in Danang, Vietnam. His poems have appeared in The Age, HEAT, Peril, and in poetry anthologies by Black Inc, Poetry International and Puncher & Wattmann (2013/2016). His poetry chapbook Years, Elegy was published with Vagabond Press in 2012. He was poetry editor of Hop-Luu Magazine (Confluence) and currently serves on the editorial panel of the literary magazine Damau.

3 Translated Nguyễn Man Nhiên Poems

Nguyễn Man Nhiên (1956 —) was born in Nha Trang, Vietnam. He has published a number of poetry and essay collections within Vietnam, as well as with the literary magazines.

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Back, to the basics

The hills have receded so was the attrition war You hold in cup of hands what remains listening to a sign the visuals may betray soil then, gritty a flinty snuggling feel of a rock can’t hide curves, smoothness, fine …

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On the Site of the Old YMCA

Like a bullfinch, after his cadenza, you stick your head out, to the open air today the trailing straggling train of vowels I like the undertows of contrabass before the sun works the crowds in coats, in harness, the single …

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Gig Ryan in Vietnamese Translation

Oppenheimer trước Ủy Ban Điều Tra Những Hoạt Động Phương Hại Mỹ Quốc Những câu hỏi của họ bắt đầu, rồi đến những giả định, tiếp tới là những giả thuyết Mỗi góc cạnh bị tránh né, bị đẩy tới. …

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Phan Nhien Hao in English Translation

In the changed season I heard the season has changed the river is running this direction then one day the sea will enter the city I heard in the far places people had lit up the night with pleasure some …

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