love in the accusation

By | 27 June 2005

   somewhere between ´blood in the wind'1 and ´died to no avail'2
   is this (´From The New World') what they call ´smear
   campaign' or ´once more around the block'?
reading, breathing in insects/gas, fifty years getting something
right, some image to tear at our last moments
(a tone according to Breton)
   Jorie Graham: the stamp
   26 lines in blue like payslips or half …
   the guilty boat, the without warning
   the weather today said your mother 106
   they were 107 voting for me
   it was an election & id never need to breathe again
   in the stable (at the airport)
   what about your passport doesnt it mean something to
   you? in ´japanese'?
   suddenly it does
   The Dream Of The Unified Field 106-109
   The Creation Of Eve 1356
   as a friend, a reputation. ka: known as.
   one knee on the neck, like they
   country without hollywood
   language of the pillow; unlearned
   (the left side / star of india)
   these are diversions: the blue, the red, & more red
framed; books
   there were four elephants. somewhere between ´the
security you want' & ´ ´
   evidence suggests the news was meant to be sung.
   cutting off bits for pots.
   phones give us something to talk to; old people.
   she was our own martyr, of sorts —
   knowing our joy is made of their dissolution.
   moving over property like it cant touch me/us
   though it might love accuse
   i hadnt read this before, in my study 108 do you
   the poem invites 109 ´a tone' (Breton) knowing
   our joy? in the st in the air?
   what were stanzas,
wh– (request)
./place x 2


1 ´At The Cabaret Now' (Jorie Graham)
2 ´Untitled' (Jorie Graham)

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