Apophansis Republica (2)

By | 27 June 2005

First effect: the erasure of singularity.
Second effect: a pattern of necessary associations.
Ethical Adjustment #1: Deny all lies, greater truths justify these equivocations.

Third Effect: the possibility of insight.
Fourth Effect: the emotive response.
Ethical Adjustment #2: Enclose the political within the gambit of an image.

Fifth Effect: the supposition of understanding.
Sixth Effect: the demands of interpretation presuppose understanding.
Assertion #1: Your eyes are rusted gaskets.

Seventh Effect: the joy of bathos.
Eighth Effect: irony.
Ethical Adjustment #3: Regularly oil and sharpen the blade's steel.

Ninth Effect: the realisation of meaning.
Tenth Effect: a desire for boredom.
Assertion #2: You are irrevocably late.

Ethical Adjustment – final: Incise left to right; dispose of appropriately.

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