Nights of Excesses

By | 1 August 2018

for Sean O’Callaghan

A Kalashnikov, is an AK-47.
Americium, is an actinide, and has
an Atomic number of 95. The sun, is 93 million miles away.
The word punch (in Hindustani) means 5.
The Dead are mourned, in Muslim cultures for 40 days.
5 and 6 are a Ruth-Aaron pair. 12,648,430 (in
hexadecimal) is C0FFEE, and coffee troubles the mind.
There are 6 feet in a fathom; 16 people in
a tug-of-war; 8 one end & 8 the other. Love is
a score of nothing. “81”, the symbol of the Archangel;
“59”, a stupid number; say “Sorry” / “Sorry!”
The Torah commands you to love, respect, and
protect a stranger — 36 times! Talking about, talking
the hind leg off a donkey; the √2, is irrational.
72º, room-temperature. When David slew Goliath he had
5 stones on him. In Neo Nazi circles “28” stands
for Blood & Honour. Shostakovich scored with
a Symphony in B flat (minor). 10 – 9, say again. 10 – 2, copy!
An Arabic proverb sez, to understand a people, you
have to live with ‘em for 40 days. 47 is the telephone number
of Norway. The length of a cricket pitch ______ 22 yards.
There are 86 metals in the Periodic Table. The .45 belongs to
the Smith’n’Western. The 13th Hour, is the hour
of darkness; “25”, the name of a card game in Ireland.
Psalm 101 tells us to lead a blameless life. And as
we Exit those bars and side-streets, and all those
nights of excesses, we fall asleep (mixing up all our
emotions, with listening) to the BBC. The sun, is 93 million
miles away. The Atomic number of Rhodium is 45.
There are 17 strokes in a Chinese ideogram.
Picasso completed Guernica at 55. The word punch (in
Hindustani) means “close by”. There are 18 wheels
on the back of a trailer, and 1 makes 5.

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