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‘A poet is a worker in language’: Debris Facility Interviews π.ο.

To forefront the anarchist politics within poetry is to invest in the liberatory potentiality within the agency of reading and writing.

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Nights of Excesses

for Sean O’Callaghan A Kalashnikov, is an AK-47. Americium, is an actinide, and has an Atomic number of 95. The sun, is 93 million miles away. The word punch (in Hindustani) means 5. The Dead are mourned, in Muslim cultures …

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Everything Poem, part 4

There are 455 active volcanoes in the World and blood completes a circuit of the body every 23 seconds, but you weigh 40 times as much as your brain and it’s impossible to describe a spiral-staircase [without using a finger] …

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Lebanese Poetry

He came over (to the counter), ordered a coffee, and asked me if I was Lebanese (cos he was) – I said “No” / Greek. He asked me, what I was reading and I said “Poetry”. I asked him, did …

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