जादूनगरी? | Wonderland

By and | 1 October 2016

I was born in a land, borne from a Dreamtime; a landscape of earthly
parables; inhabited by mythical peoples and other-worldly creations
… and this, is my wonderland.

The cleanest land in the southern hemisphere … so cleansed, that
only happy, intoxicated white people are celebrated on television
this is my wonderland?

I am free but have few democratic rights. I am the unforgiven
scourge of the Ruling Class; Welcome to Australia … this is my

Christian soldiers arrived, invading, crusading, turning the terra-firma
into a terror infested, locked-down, maximum security destination
this is my wonderland?

The prison that now even keeps prisoners outside of its walls … asylum
seekers in perpetual asylum …

Try it yourself » … and Usage. The align attribute
as death-bird scream
and the Warden dictates,
lights Out!

This is Australia …
It is surreal-estate …
The forced closure of Indigenous communities …
The neo-genocide …

lights Out!
This is my home …
I have been blinded by its beauty, but never to the horrors of scorched earth.
This is my wonderland …

Psalm 68:6: ‘God provides homes for those who are the deserted.
He leads out the prisoners to prosperity, but the rebellious lived in a scorched land …’

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