Bernie Malley: red eye

By | 1 December 2010

inflight enter-
tainment guide
say “chillax”.
glance prehist-
oric day dawned
charmed, seams
of burn-
ished earth ochre
deep spindly
curve end fabled
plinths, white.

this new day is
witness: trajectory
of god s rich,
myths eternal
gold spun –

he a bored space
man yawn! at the
endpoint of
millennia dreams
skeins of silk new
day not there to
cushion a rapture
or a fall.

chillax. we’re
not going to the
moon. more hum
drum locale & vicious
civic primacies call
now next aisle over
son argues with
attendant inter
venes, bends,
& dulcet tones
firm she

his gilded wings

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