John Malley: Catastrophe Willing

By | 1 December 2010

You, tall Kosciusko,
Smooth as buttocks, I trade
Blows with your arsenal.
Kosciusko, better than Patterson,
Your pockets weigh the world
Down with silver dollars. The
Americas are broad,
Stupid. When is the next operatic
Catastrophe? I do not want to
Write badly of you. I will not write
Badly! Forever yours. The skis
Of my children are cockateels, your
Head coral calcifications. Irrefragable
Bust, I glide your cleavage. I cannot
Write badly of you on holiday. Young
Turks! Young Turks! She cannot be
Your Prelude. Is she a blue hill? I
Molest horses on the vespers. This is
the letter of a mare.

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