Song for the Dead

By | 31 October 2021


dead boats, do we row you do we row you
cloud and dust cloud and dust, we bow to you
we bow to you, one eye, two eyes, three eyes, four
we are fools to love you, to love makes us fools lost
fools lost in the crowd, long lone roads long lone roads
to you to you to you from the crowd low low low and loud


a row of sea birds black, black sea
to and from the start, to and through the end
sit, pop, sit they ask in their way for you to sit for them
kids jump on the bed, no no they are not meant to but they do
do you see the one at the end, the one at the most far end, the one so far
from us? you are not meant to see them well but you do, you do not sit down well
for them, you do not sit down well for them at all, pop, sit down, do not wait for them to
ask but you do


but they ask, they ask, and it sings to the muse
it is time, it is time to fall in love, do not hear it
oh but bees do fall but bees do die
they ask us not to speak of the light or the blue birds, they ask
they ask the book
not to see, not to hear,
some ghost is there on the stairs
oh but bees are ghosts they glow pale on their backs
black eyes, black moon eyes, eyes of pure bees


good men are hard to find, good men are hard, but to find them is not good

bones are dry, bones are white

you grow a tail, I grow a horn
we go and hunt, in a white room, in a snow white dawn

cause and end

mute swans

on a red dune, on a dead red hill, mane is tossed down the side, mane is pulled off
dog scares the crows, black oaths, black full and whole, feel the child a hole
to and fro, back and forth tooth is lacked, mind is sunk, slack, clacks
move with me
mouth froths
hair grows and hides the bush

lone long day
in the long lone night

tired hand meets tired meat

eyes, they cried
they are now, done dried sleet

fish in the green sea bed
fish in the dark green sea
fish in the bed of rocks
a bowl of change, a bowl of fish
a fin and an eye on a plate cupped nerves

loose breasts swim

old girls, old boys,
learn to sing


it was a block of wood, no one saw it there
if it was a lump of gold, it might have been gone


monk fish, gold fish, stone fish, fish of a kind
soup of a mix

none saw and knew, these cars, these chains, keys to a new world
none knew or saw the old world as a thing as well loved and well made
none but the felt hats, the name cards, the foam in the bags and next to the box
there were bills
there was a brush
there were ducks in the pond
a weed holds his seeds
one here, one there, one
needs to know and see
for the love of god
for the light of life at its height
our fools do love to love

let them eat, let them sleep, let
let’s let them

bird on a spit, bird on a brown nude bough
two stones in a well, two dumb stones add to the dead weight of light

no time to change, no time at all, we row home, we row home
lone and we mourn, lone and we mourn, lone with the bees we mourn
lone lone lone with the bees and dead things and good as one, as good as one

some one spoke
but none heard.
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