Janet Jiahui Wu

Janet Jiahui Wu writes and makes art. She has published in various publications of literature such as Plumwood Mountain, Cordite, Rabbit, SFPJ, etc. A part of the LGBTQI+ community, she lives and works in Sydney. She acknowledges and pays respect to the Gadigal people, their elders past, present and future.

Ciao, Bella!

This commission is killing me I am waiting for my liberation like peasants before the revolution and patriarchs after the revolution would I like to say something about colonisation? yes! I would love to be colonised! I grew up colonised! …

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Song for the Dead

1 dead boats, do we row you do we row you cloud and dust cloud and dust, we bow to you we bow to you, one eye, two eyes, three eyes, four we are fools to love you, to love …

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The Castaway

I was drunk I was sitting in the sand I was thinking about the past my children my country the mines I was drunk and I was not careful not thinking barely awake in the close to midday sun the …

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Forbid talk Hong Kong issu

Hi mate can tell you somethi- there are alot of on the 30th anniver- [picture: man against tanks] within an hour it so i printed and it went i kept putting ended up putting it takes about 5 -10 i …

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Wind on your path whips you clean; on your brow a row of sweat – though these were dear, now I name God my first, and jewels and deeds from where I cannot see, bind me to the tree of …

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