Forbid talk Hong Kong issu

By | 25 November 2019

Hi mate

can tell you somethi-
there are alot of
on the 30th anniver-

[picture: man
against tanks]

within an hour it
so i printed
and it went
i kept putting
ended up putting
it takes about 5 -10

i thought i was like
but no. it is just

I have temporarily

now all the chinese
me in the face

i assume that there
ie: if you see this

crazy huh

No it is just

however i assume
communist party

Because, i know
the chinese communis-
across adelaide and

If you were to reall
even say if your mom

Yes it is all chines-
maybe it is just
ora actually they
xi jing ping: ‘you

No this is at night
there are no staff
what is so hard
it’s not like they
like i do not part
says they will kill

there is no best

you either:
1. make a stand and
anywhere and never
2. remain apathetic
and live your pretty
3. join them.

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