Skiing on Mars

By | 31 October 2021

into vapour clouds. it doesn’t get faster
with less or flourish. we ski in private raptures
of snowfall that dematerialises before us.
unresponsive volcanic peaks, laughing at the glide
and atmosphere. traverse postcard views
saying, they bruise while we’re inside the position
of its poles on the planet Mars, the inclination
of its axis,
our heads of snow. the remarkable
appearances at the polar regions
persistence and persistent field where wind rushes
data, weight (what weight there is) in this lack
so water sublimes. how everything slurs into vapour.
stoppered outer layer spacesuit not too loose
or bulky you sweep to the left through continuous
dark until two tiny lit moons of fear and panic
rise in your eyes. we skate over transparent frosted
dry-ice fields into unstable yellow clouds. who cares
if we can never leave? the dust storm passes
as orange snow dematerialises before us with less
flourish in temperatures lower than we have ever known.

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