In Midsummer Blues

By | 31 October 2021

Yesterday I stalked my sigh till the end of the shore.
Borrowed the pattern as like an autumn dew
Sneaks the lashes of the couch grasses.

Like a crumble of a stone glides deep down in a pond,
Sibilant burst out from the violence, breaking
The array of slick algae, peeling the skin of water off.

When crossing a filling station near
the marine drive road, I met a sigh
once was mine, a splintered face.

Waiting since I left behind. It led me to
An Egyptian Tamarisk tree where it bridles at night.
En route I came across a groan of my father

Dead long ago, turning turtle on beach sands, busking
In midsummer blues. Showed me the catalogue
Of sorrows it lived in this meddling world. Told me

If our groans cannot swing their moods
With the shadows of dangling leaves on the waves,
Our sighs turn into whispers making buzz in our hearts.

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