Palash Mahmud

Palash Mahmud is a bilingual writer, book critic based in Dhaka, Bangladesh. He is a winner of Songs of Peace: The world’s biggest anthology of contemporary poetry in 2020 and one of the regional finalists in Asia for Voice of Peace: 1st International Poetry & Short Story Anthology Competition 2021. His poetry, literary reviews and criticisms appeared in Active Muse, League of Poets, Superstition Review, The Punch Magazine, Kitaab, Ephemeral Elegies, The Bosphorus Review of Books, Poetry Potion and forthcoming elsewhere.

In Midsummer Blues

Yesterday I stalked my sigh till the end of the shore. Borrowed the pattern as like an autumn dew Sneaks the lashes of the couch grasses. Like a crumble of a stone glides deep down in a pond, Sibilant burst …

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