‘We mirror what we see’: Holly Childs Interviews Cristine Brache

By and | 1 May 2018

HC: Could you tell me more about these projects, and how they relate to where you are heading as an artist or a person. How do you imagine your future path?

CB: Everything I do leads to something else and it’s natural so I follow each trajectory until it runs its course. I want to find further clarity in my voice and modes of expression, total refinement in visual and textual articulation. I want my output to have continued sustained resonance and meaning.

HC: What themes can’t you escape? What keeps coming back again and again?

Power, submission, rules, time, erasure, the bedroom, boundaries, confession, heartbreak, notions of ownership, humiliation, womanhood, plantains.

HC: As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?

I’ve been a poet since age 10, a film director since age 17, and an artist since age 18. As a child, I at one time or another wanted to be but never became Brenda Walsh from 90210, a cheerleader, archeologist, volcanologist, teacher, astrophysicist, mathematical theorist, astrologist, and the Director of the CIA. I have always been fascinated by the idea of knowing all the secrets of the world and understanding how it truly works: parallel universes and alternate realities exist here, on the same plane. Being in charge of such information is kind of like the ultimate societal BDSM switch fantasy.

HC: Do poetry and art change things?

CB: Yes, because good art makes me cry.

HC: What else changes things?

CB: Everything

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