Nighthawk, Part 1: Use of Additive Sequences for Generating a Cut-up Poem

By | 1 November 2017

I have since gone on to make a number of texts using mathematically derived texts, and then used them in a sonic-arts context. Recently, for F..tloose Productions CD Voiceprints 15, I made a piece called ‘Word Swirl Two’. I made a text using the text-processing modules designed in ArtWonk, recorded it on my front porch – very noisy, lots of traffic – and then processed that recording through a number of electronic sound-modification processes.

Using mathematical and other processes in a fun and fairly arbitrary way to generate artistic material that I then extend, using inherent aspects of the material, into live performance seems to have been one of the ways I’ve come to generate work over the past half-century of artistic activity. It has been a form of work-making that has come quite naturally to me, one that I’ve found quite pleasurable to do, and which, I think, has provided engaging activities for a series of interested audiences to grapple with … and enjoy.

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