Warren Burt

Warren Burt is a composer, writer, video-maker, sound poet and a few other things. Born in 1949 in the USA, he came to Australia in 1975 and, as William Burroughs said, 'so the years passed.' He has performed his work in Australasia, North America, Europe and Japan, and his writing has been published by a number of Australian, European and American publishers. He currently teaches music history and composition at Box Hill Institute, in Melbourne, and lives in Daylesford, Vic.

Nighthawk, Part 1: Use of Additive Sequences for Generating a Cut-up Poem

In 1973, I was a post-graduate student at the University of California, San Diego, working on my Master’s degree in music composition. My principle teacher at the time was Kenneth Gaburo, well known for his work in compositional linguistics which crossed boundaries between music, language, writing, performance, and dance.

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