Hardcore Pastorals: Poems by Rebecca Hawkes

By | 31 October 2021

rabbits flaunt white arses over the paddocks
and you know you’re a townie now
because murder in cold blood
is only your second thought
beyond brainless adoration
sweeties sweeties sweeties sweeties
you and your lover
have booked a cottage in the country
so you can fuck brazen
and constant as tractors
away from your too many flatmates
while roaches and moths thrash their instincts
helpless against your house of light
and throughout your sleepy morning ministrations
the rabbits perch on the edge of your veranda
bold as you like although she doesn’t like
to hear you reminisce
on your buried bloodlust
so you try to tell her a memory of when
the cows would suck each other’s teats
they got a special nose ring
to discourage the behaviour
your girlfriend tilts her grin to show
the opals blazing in her septum piercing
then returns her seeking mouth to your breast

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