Yvonne Boag

Yvonne Boag is an advocate in cultural exchange, has taught in universities, curated internationally and is an Associate Professor, Sydney College of the Arts. Boag’s exhibition history is as rich and varied as the curious and keen observation in her paintings. She has received major prizes, recently The Paddington Art Prize in 2020, utilised artists residencies to deepen her practise, including the esteemed Moya Drying, France. Boag has been commissioned by the Australian Tapestry Workshop, and is held in institutional and private collections, Internationally and Nationally including Aberdeen Art Gallery, Scotland, Artbank, Wagga Wagga, NSW, and the Art Gallery of New South Wales. Her work has prompted critical engagement, capturing the minds of her critics.

Invisible Walls: Poetry as a Doorway to Intercultural Understanding

The selection of poems we offer here is written by poets participating in a two-year intercultural exchange program between Korean and Australian poets.

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