Mridula Nath Chakraborty

Mridula Nath Chakraborty has edited Being Bengali: at home and in the world, an enquiry into the intellectual history of this linguistic group from Bangladesh and India (Routledge 2014). She is the co-editor of Abohelaar Bhangon Naame Booke / Broken by Neglect, a bilingual edition of Nunga poet Ali Cobby Eckermann’s poetry from English to Bengali (2014) and A Treasury of Bangla Stories (1997). Most recently, she has convened high-impact projects in literary-cultural diplomacy between Australia and India, such as Australia-India Literatures International Forum (Sydney 2013), the Autumn School in Literary Translation (Kolkata 2013) and Literary Commons: Writing Australia-India in the Asian Century with Indigenous, Dalit and Multilingual Tongues (2014-2016).


This special issue of Cordite Poetry Review has its roots in a project Mridula Nath Chakraborty has been working on for the last three years.

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Just a duty-bound Hatred | कर्तव्य भर नफ़रत

Translated from the Bihar-Hindi to the English by Mridula Nath Chakraborty Ran the gamut of love talk from their side Even as they kept sowing hatred in the soil Inside Outside Ceaseless They nurtured hatreds one-sidedly We could not reach …

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The Colour Blue | नीला रंग

Translated from the Hindi to the English by Mridula Nath Chakraborty blue blue coloured weals would form on body on heart blows of forced labour and insult remember? the pot hanging from the neck the broom tied to the waist …

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3 Poems by Rabindranath Tagore

Sraboner dharar mato poduk jhore like the streams of monsoons let it descend this melody of yours upon my face upon my heart along with the light of the east let it arrive every dawn upon my eyes through the …

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