Louise Crisp

Louise Crisp is an Australian poet based in East Gippsland. Her latest collection is uplands, published by Five Islands Press.

Introduction to Louise Crisp’s Yuiquimbiang

Read. This is poetry. Both a praise and a lament for Country. Read. There is little like it. Australia struggles with an embrace of the past, but Louise Crisp does not flinch from the intimacy of fact.

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Notes on her ‘Gibson’s Folly (Tambo River)’

The Benambra mine is located on the headwaters of the Tambo River which flows into the Ramsar listed Gippsland Lakes. See Louise Crisp’s poem ‘Gibson’s Folly (Tambo River)‘. The Wilga ore body was mined by Denehurst Ltd. from 1992-1996. The …

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Gibson’s Folly (Tambo River)

‘Treat with Euphrasia bad memory and vertigo’ Gibson’s Folly – Earth Moving: the precipitous track descends to Wilga portal and the Tambo Purple eyebright ringed around closely in heathy dry forest lilac, pink or white ‘it comes and goes’ but …

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(Gippsland Red Gum Plains1) I. Yeerung Bush Reserve A grey downy bird hops down the yertchuk to look at me as I climb through the wire fence on the boundary of the badlands into Yeerung Reserve. She hops up and …

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