Bruce Pascoe

Saturday August 26 Figueria da Foz

When you see the subsiding sun lip and slip the west’s salty hip only those who have not kissed will not move their tongue and remember. Only those who have not lost will turn away before that last ecstatic slide …

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Introduction to Louise Crisp’s Yuiquimbiang

Read. This is poetry. Both a praise and a lament for Country. Read. There is little like it. Australia struggles with an embrace of the past, but Louise Crisp does not flinch from the intimacy of fact.

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39B मे प्रेम | Love in 39B

Translated from the English to the Hindi by Jasmeet Kaur Sahi लंबी फ्लाइट पर जागा इयरफोन बेअदबि से तिरछे किसी लुड़के हुए प्रेयिंग मॅनटिस की तरह ट्रवियेटा चल रहा था वही सरसराती मदहोश बेहोशी जो मेरी नींद और कानो के …

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