Saturday August 26 Figueria da Foz

By | 1 February 2019

When you see the subsiding sun
lip and slip the west’s salty hip
only those who have not kissed
will not move their tongue
and remember.

Only those who have not lost
will turn away before that
last ecstatic slide
has take this night’s last light.

And those lost will grieve
so deep within their coil
that their tongue is struck

And for those who hold
of course your world is bold
and the leaving sun
a mere slipped disc
and the night a mild serenade.

Oh leaving light
remember that I
was last to remove my gaze.

And if you return
I may turn away
your arrival no match for your leaving.

You saw not my eye
as I saw yours,
you’ve seen it all before
but I, dying light,
kept my eyes where you left
the world this day
and my life.

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