Julia Clark

Julia Clark is a PhD student, poet, and reviewer based in Sydney, living on Ku-ring-gai and Darug land and working on Gadigal land. Her criticism and non-fiction have appeared in Archer, Rabbit, and Audrey Journal while her poetry has appeared in Scum and ARNA. If she’s not reading or writing, she’s at the theatre.

Poetry Against Neoliberal Capitalism in Ali Alizadeh and Melinda Bufton

Poetry has a long history of disruption, resistance, and revolution, overlapping the concerns of politics with literature and the boundaries of language.

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Julia Clark Reviews Alice Allan’s The Empty Show

Alice Allan’s debut collection opens with the declaration, ‘A sonnet is always a love poem.’ Absolute statements like this tend to attract consideration of their opposites, gesturing to their qualities and equally calling to mind all that they are not: always/never, empty/full, lost/found or wrong/right.

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