Holly Isemonger

Holly Isemonger was the joint winner of the 2016 Overland Judith Wright Poetry Prize. She is the author of the chapbook Hip Shifts (If A Leaf Falls Press) and Deluxe Paperweight. She can be found at and tweets as @hisemonger.


When people say ‘difficult’ and ‘poetry’ in the same sentence they are usually referring to the experience of reading a certain type of poem.

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Submission to Cordite 87: DIFFICULT

Poetry for Cordite 87: DIFFICULT is guest-edited by Oscar Schwartz and Holly Isemonger. Says Holly: Poems can be spiky, sassy, cutting and frustrating – difficulty is built into how we perceive them. Probably as a result of schooling – a …

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Sad Witch Psalms

Rites for Ca$h Act like a snobby Bruce.     Surf At Tamarama. Stop smoking billies & instead bleach some coral. Trademark your table top, your kitchen and a poem. Kirribilli is waiting.           O austerity         plebeians be gone! Virility Vinyasa The beautiful …

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Pornography involves an abstraction of human intercourse in which the self is reduced to its formal elements. — Angela Carter The day before we move in together I’m reading Joan Didion in your bed, which is now ours I guess. …

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