By | 1 August 2021

when did summer? why is this
person? how do tropes arrive
in bed and why is sweat on me? pores expand

to swallow intimacies your skin forgot
or is it my skin, or can you please come
here and think, about ikea and what we could look like

in ridiculous beds, I wonder: who am I? why am I
in this bed? I don’t care because
it’s summer. everything is on fire

if I sweat on you and you sweat on me the water
will keep us safe. this is a mode of leakage
by which I mean linkage, by which I mean:

if we arrange our bodies like this
* I roll you over onto your side*
our bodies make a certain shape

no one knows
what these characters mean
and no one has to because

it is summer
and one meaning leaks into another
which is why

I miss you

my god, this bed
I love it

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