Sad Witch Psalms

By | 18 June 2017

Rites for Ca$h
Act like a snobby Bruce.     Surf At Tamarama. Stop smoking billies & instead bleach some coral. Trademark your table top, your kitchen and a poem. Kirribilli is waiting.           O austerity         plebeians be gone!

Virility Vinyasa
The beautiful of bondi are ripe for fertilisation so drive your muscles   into   the   sand.   Fan the palm fronds & sow chia seeds.   Penetrate   the   baby  oil &  toil   in the gamey  flesh  apps.

Hymn for Healing
Let the day fill up with brown noise and the light condense to tofu. Lie on top of a lover & throw your watch out the window.    Beware    of    gravity hang your t-shirt on the door. Vigorously practice  kegels. Never    join   the   Peace    Corps.


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