Claire Gaskin

Claire Gaskin has been publishing poetry and teaching writing since the 1980s. Her collection, a bud, completed in the receipt of a Literature Board grant, was published by John Leonard Press in 2006 and shortlisted in the SA Literature Awards. Her collection, Paperweight, was published by John Hunter Publishers in 2013.


Nothing makes me feel my fallibility more than editing a literary journal, marking papers or judging a literary competition. I can be wrong. I can be unclear. I can miss things.

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Submission to Cordite 92: NO THEME VIII

I’m looking for work ‘with head, heart and guts,’ as Bei Dao says.

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Ismene’s Thirst

in this binary library a murder of fictions crows gather in corners it is work to witness question marks polished apples witnessed by medication one side limp I called an ambulance this memory smells nutty the first line I trusted …

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The Way to Intimacy Is to Throw Open the Doors of Your Vulnerability

Summers in slavery I like to throw a curve at people. Do not assume you both want the same degree of intimacy. Two way glass. Followed by a period of apology. I have a perspective on the proposed space.

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