Angela Biscotti

Angela Biscotti is a non-binary Spanish-Filipinx Melbourne-based writer and artist. They have studied at the Ateneo de Manila University, La Trobe University, and the Brooklyn Institute for Social Research. Her work has appeared in Overland, Jacobin, Cordite Poetry Review, and elsewhere.

Accepting the Gift, Doing the Work: Angelita Biscotti Interviews Sara M Saleh

Yesterday I may have gone back to working from home too quickly, so I decided to give my body the rest and hydration it needs because clearly, it’s in overdrive. It’s been a precarious time. I feel grateful to be supported right now.

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Migration and Melancholia and Settler Discontentment

Filipino-ness is a weight I did not choose to be born with, but I carry on my back every day. As an immigrant to Australia, I am expected to uncritically wave the flag and do my birth country proud with my achievements; be the smiling migrant who hangs out at Australia Day parades, tags oneself on Facebook selfies beneath the Melbourne Central shot tower, lands a full-time office job, acquires property and authentic Louis Vuitton handbags, wears the trappings of aspirational middle-classness with the serenity of one who has ‘made it.’

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Innocent Eyes!: Ekphrasis and the Defiant Multiplicity of the Female Gaze

The male gaze has been discussed at length. The female gaze, not as much. This ekphrastic project is about the latter.

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