Ana Dragu

Ana Dragu is a Romanian writer and journalist. She has published several collections of poetry, including Borderline (2017) and Păzitoarea (2012), and is the founder of the Centre for Children with Autism "Micul Prinț" in Bistrița, Romania.

Nothing Would Be the Same | Nimic nu ar mai fi la fel

Nothing would be the same even if you came back your space in the bed has been taken by the dog of solitude. tall and extremely difficult to defeat. the four seasons are: spring, summer, autumn and winter. In spring …

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Love | Dragostea

begins neither with a bang nor with a sob but with a shiver, a tiny hum a stirred molecule provoking storms inside the knees wonderful things begin this way at the tip of every finger fragments of eyes, hundreds of …

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Love No | Dragoste Nu

I miss you in every place your absence leaves me weary I talk a lot I cut my meals in half I am a bomb programmed to explode in front of anyone who comes too close in front of this …

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Fever | Febră

I have a fever. and in this light I see the hideous beauty of all the plants forced to grow in darkness. The thought of you makes my hands hurt all the way up to my shoulders keeps them separate …

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March 8 and March 7 and Forever | 8 Martie și 7 Martie și Mereu

Good evening, I called so you can say happy birthday to me. I let 24 hours pass but I thought you might like to say happy birthday. Because I am forced to speak I remain quiet for too long when …

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The Protectress | Păzitoarea

I don’t know when it started growing in the right side of my chest lying on the bed, I feel its roar through my whole body profoundly different from the dull sound of my left heart, which, year after year, …

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2014-02-07 00:21 GMT+02:00

I was old but now I am fine I speak the truth the city is buried under snow I talk neither to myself nor to you the future as distant as possible consumes me deeply I have children so I …

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