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By | 1 September 2013


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The details of our bodies are unique. I’m drawn to studying the human figure through art where I am allowed to see what people actually look like. In a world plastered with images of an uncontainable, fleeting notion of beauty, I try and amend this within my own world by making paintings and drawings of myself and those around. I try to focus on the parts and details that can be no one else’s.

Scars are our stories – our hurt, our sickness, our corrections. They are our mistakes, they are our rage, they are our passions … which can only ever be our own.

They are a private collection on our bodies.

Hands and feet are challenging to capture and to accept, perhaps there is something in that. As an artist who is in the business of talking to people about their bodies and face, I find that hands are usually the most appreciated part while feet are generally the most loathed. Perhaps it is the opposite with you. But I find this interesting.
Your feet carry you everywhere, for all of your life. If they are well and functioning, why must they also be beautiful? What are the toes, the nails, the hair, the knuckles and the callouses meant to look like?

Just as they are.

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